Understanding your system using data.

Energy Support Services’ technical expertise and data analytic tools allow us to closely monitor the health of your system. With our proactive approach, we identify under-performing assets long before alerts or equipment failure resulting in amplified performance and mitigated production losses.

Alerts – Proper alert configuration is critical to the health of every solar system. ESS begins all new projects, reviewing alert thresholds and ensuring that all triggers are properly configured. Improperly configured alerts may fail to trigger or may trigger long after production losses are realized. O&M teams that rely solely on alerts overlook performance losses and leave production gains on the table.

Proactive Analytics – Your system has thousands of interconnected components. Our team uses visualization tools and analytics to plot your system’s production and compare performance across five-minute increments. With this approach, we identify string and even module level losses that are sometimes unrecognized without proper alert configuration and system monitoring.

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